Discover, Explore, Conceptualize, Create and Grow


Creative Cartels Discover

Let’s meet over a coffee for some healthy discussions.

This phase is all about your company & your brand. We want to know every possible insights on it like- your core values, your desired brand image, where you have been & where intend to go, your goals, timeline, USP’s, your old marketing efforts and the whole nine yards.


It’s Study time for us.

Creative Cartels Explore

Once loaded with relevant information, we put on our branding goggles and do our share of research about your competitor’s positioning, your customers, the presentation, choosing effective media, lots of data mining, determining brand personality & positioning. During this phase we mainly look forward to unlock new possibilities and bring something creative on to the table – Things which others are not doing, details that will give you an edge and clever strategiesthat willflourish your brands.


Creative Cartels Conceputalize

It’s time to kill, change, fix and bend things. Just to get the concept right.

Now that we did our research we’ll have a whole lot of ideas, don’t worry thou as each of them would be thoughtful & dominating enough for you to consider. We see this as a ‘phase of Killing’, because in here Design meets Functionality. You have to kill things that you know would get in your way. It’s about change, genuine thinking, stoking the imagination, re-organizing priorities and getting things done. It’s important that we freeze upon a concept, its deliverable and timeline during this phase. Also we should enter a contract.


We implant life to your concept.

Creative Cartels Create

Before we begin, we discuss your project to the tiniest detail. And then we’re off – designing & developing towards our goals. Nothing to boast about, but we have developed tight design standards on our own that assures your spectacular looks. This tends to be the longest phase of them all, as ‘Testing, execution, and final finishing touches are all part of this phase. You’ll be able to notice our ongoing design & development day-on-day basis. Usually we consider this phase over, when your concept is ‘totally up and competing out there’. We believe in getting it done once and for all during this phase.


Creative Cartels Grow

We all need a care taker, even your ‘Brand’ does.

‘Branding is viral and mostly a continuous on-going process’ – we will stand by it. Becausejust having a dewy cool identity,isn’t enough to win today’s competitive internet & technology markets.So we blueprint clear & clever online strategies, which will find, connect and engage your interest specific customers. Cracking it requires a right mix of– search marketing, link optimization, social media, professional network management, relevant content and digital marketing efforts.

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