Branding & Identity

Intelligent Campaigns, Captivating Graphics, Art and fresh Ideas– determinesthe brand image. Fortunately we house all your needs, when it comes to design. A year back at creative cartels we started out with nothing but graphic design, and we still have most of it left. We design graphics and all that goes with it for all your branding needs, no matter what they may be – online or offline, small or big, tight or flexible, artistic or professional.


We are quite good at :


  • Creating logos & Corporate Identity tool kit (We love Naming Brands & Writing Taglines) Almost everyone has an opinion on ‘Identities’; but its importance just can’t be denied as it’s the first step towards a brand. Moreover it is necessary to have a compelling identity because it triggers consumer behaviour. A good identity does not stop at being just pretty, it speak for you, your message and your brand. At Creative Cartels we create bespoke identities, the one that communicates quite literally.
  • Entire spectrum of print communications (Packaging, Brochures, flyers, labels, book/CD covers, banners & posters, newsletters, custom themes,catalogues, etc.) We design any & all print communications that you might need / desire. Our print communications always have aradiantwhiff &crisp charm about them.
  • We do custom images, gif’s, splash screens and if-needed also professional photography which will ensure your brand’s exclusivity.
  • We also love designing theme based retail spaces for organizations

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