Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy hmm? What’s that?

To win today’s highly competitive Internet & Technology markets; you need flawless & clever online strategies that will find, connect and engage your interest specific customers. Cracking it often requires a right mix of – search marketing, Analytic, link optimization, social media, professional network management and digital marketing efforts.Now every time we hear these terms, ‘Complex, Doubtful, Immeasurable, and rather dishonest claims’ are what pop into our minds. And tons of other SEO companies out there aren’t helping it either, when they promise to get you on 1st Page of Google. The 1st Spot on Google can’t be attained by mere money anymore.

At Creative Cartels we know that a pro-successful website utilizes every viable online marketing techniques & media to its advantage. So we don’t just do SEO,  Analytic, Link Optimization, social media or digital marketing alone, we rather choose to rely on right mix of all these. That’s what we call a digital strategy.

We build& execute ROI driven ‘Digital Strategies’ that will lead to long-drawn-out reach, increasing Brand awareness and value, better relations or whatever your goals are.

Just to keep it unfussy, below a brief description of what goes into the mix.

Search Marketing

It simply ensures that your website is easily found on the web. Which is easier said than done.

We crack it through thoughtful& SEO friendly website architecture (the titles, headers, meta-tags, etc.),  Analytic, Keyword Research,Relevant content, etc. We will keep it brief, as SEO is one topic we can’t get enough off. Anyways irrespective of this, at Creative Cartels every SEO project we undertake is exclusive and one of a kind. Our SEO team can speak geek with your techies and is as reliable, as a wood burning stove. Get in touch and we’ll draft genuine framework to get your site, ahead of its competition towards the 1st spot.

Research & Web Analytics

‘Research’ is all that goes behind choosing the right keywords, site architecture & visibility, intuitive user interface, and link analytic’s.

While Web Analytic on the other hand is more significant, as it not only reveal show your website is stacking up against the competition.But also uncovers every detail you need to know, for the constant betterment of your website. Like – which page on your site are viewed the most?, which area gets the maximum clicks, top-entry points to your site, the geographic provenance of your customers, Incoming & outgoing traffic pattern and links, your marketing campaign effectiveness etc.

Social Media Optimization

Call it whatever you like – social media optimization (SMO), social media marketing (SMM) or even social media management.Nevertheless it is one big ‘people power revolution, the one you can’t afford to miss.Mainly because it has the power to reach, engage & influence your interest customers.And partly because regardless of your target market it creates & spreads buzz about your business.

Social media involves the whole lot –‘Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Blogs, Forums, social bookmarking sites, professional networking site, Articles & Review sites etc. The catch with social media is that you have to actively participate, manage, optimize and guide your Brand Image across all these channels. This may be nit-picky, if you take reputation management, brand ethics & values into consideration.

At Creative Cartels we crack social media, by tactically placing your brand across millions of online users. Wait that’s not all! Then onwards it is a simple 2 step process – ‘Listen &Participate’. First we find your target customers and then we listen to what they are saying, what they read, what they want, their online activities etc. Secondly we ‘Participate & Interact’ by sharing relevant interest specific information that triggers their conversations & interactions towards your brand.

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