‘Change’ has a whiff of excitement around it – that’s what people love today. To you it should matter because ‘change’ validates your progress against trends and time. The question really than is not ‘Should I?’ but ‘When should I?’


You know you need re-design when


  • Your website has fancy flashing fonts and at least dozen paragraphs of unorganized irrelevant content on it.
  • Your Design displays a hungry look, the kind you get from not eating for a while.
  • Even after quite some time and efforts, your site is still not getting successful. It crawls like a centipede, only with 98 legs missing.
  • Visitors complain of strobe attacks thanks to your blinking gifs on your homepage – ‘Arghh, my eyes!’.
  • Your site by itself plays jittery à la style techno music, which no one appreciates.
  • Most of your pages say ‘under construction’, complete with usual construction cone graphics.
  • Your website features ‘two business man shaking hands and a globe’ because you think it’s professional.
  • Your website heavily uses flash and JavaScript, thus you tend to have screw ’em approach towards all those who don’t have it installed. Are they living in Flintstone age still?
  • All the links on your website say merely one thing – ‘Click Here’ which visitors can’t relate to.
  • Your website proudly displays a ‘visitor counter’ that unfortunately says 22 visitors this year.
  • You think falling snowflakes & colourful rainbows are pretty cute, and literally use them on your website.
  • Your website has blank or No headers and titles on it.
  • Your website looks good but only in ‘Opera’, because that is what you use.
  • Your site has animated welcome splash screen, which visitors have to go through every other time. Just because you didn’t gave them an override button.
  • You love comic sans and even use it generously.
  • You consider different design on each page a good idea.
  • Updating your site requires actual advance planning, 10 hours, 6 coffees and tons of calls.
  • Your website says ‘last updated 27th October, 2000.’
  • Your site is very slow; you generally manage to cook yourself a meal by the time it’s up.
  • You have not heard of the spell checkers?.
  • Your 8 year old nephew can design better websites than yours.


So, Fancy a Design/Brand Makeover? Let’s get together.

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